Oahu Economic Development Board (OEDB) is a non-profit organization, funded primarily by the private sector, contracts and the Asset Management of New Markets Tax Credit. The organization’s efforts support a healthy economy on Oahu by being a leading agent in the growth, retention and recruitment of businesses that support appropriate jobs for the people of Hawaii.

OEDB is actively involved in infrastructure, planning and workforce development as a significant part of the foundation for a thriving economy. OEDB’s leadership recognizes that the strength of a community’s true economy is anchored in the strength of its people and relationships. To that end, we are grounded in ALOHA.

Our Top Priorities

  1. Retain relevant existing businesses in Hawaii and assist in their health and, where possible, expansion.

  2. Develop new businesses in Hawaii, including the growth of knowledge-based companies whose behaviors, actions and relationships reveal that their values are in alignment with the uniqueness of our people and place.

  3. Facilitate progress on such infrastructure and planning issues that involve land, water, transportation and permitting in order to move the state continually towards reversing the exportation of money for the importation of energy resources and food. Also, to increase the ability for Hawaii’s residents to have safe and equitable housing.

  4. Participate with other organizations in critical thinking and skills development to ensure that Hawaii residents recognize that living in or being from Hawaii allows them to be a significant resource around the world.

  5. Provide leadership development programs to ensure continuing growth and prosperity.