Economic Development

Oahu Economic Development Board (OEDB) works to align the best of who we are and what we have to the problems we face socially and economically. An important part of that challenge is to help Hawaii achieve diversification in expanded ways so that our children will continue to be the residents and influencers who perpetuate what makes Hawaii unique and special.

Economic development includes job creation and providing an environment in which the businesses that are right for Hawaii thrive and grow.

Economic success is often measured with the following metrics:

  • by new companies that come here,

  • by existing companies that grow and prosper,

  • by good-paying jobs that are created for Hawaii’s people and

  • by increasing opportunities for local companies to export their goods and services around the world.

To these economic measures, we add our children’s ability to be confident, competent and innovative in order to care for Hawaii, our people and the world.

The achievement of successful economic development in Hawaii must be a connective and collective effort. We see it more than a transactional model but rather a high bar relational model with transactions.

Ecosystems are recognitions of relationships and how those relationships exist together. In Hawaii, our people saw that every relationship is part of the ecosystem. You need to identify where you fit in the ecosystem of your relationships.

You can help by learning about and championing this vision for Hawaii’s future.

What Economic Development Delivers

  • Increased prosperity for our state, counties and residents.

  • Enhanced income and job opportunities for today’s workers and for our children in the future.

  • An expanded tax base to fund enhanced and relevant government services.

  • Recognition and responsible support of charitable contributions for services that government cannot and should not provide.

  • Improved and recovered quality of life and standard of living for Hawaii’s families and individuals.

  • A broadly diversified economy, less vulnerable to outside conditions or events.

  • Economic growth that is environmentally and culturally committed.